Night of the Punk Show!

Stoked on this lineup, in addition to it fitting my homework assignment of photographing a live punk show rhis week.

Allout Helter is a band I interviewed a little over a year ago for Mile High Feedback. They were throwing a fundraiser show, Punk Against Trump, to raise funds for 3 different non profit organizations. Follow the link to learn more!

Tonight, they are playing Hi Dive woth Cult of a Lost Cause and Windermeres. I really like C.o.a.L.C, I caught them a while back and really, really liked what I heard! They are a hardcore heavy metal instrumtal rock band, as in the bass resonates in your chest enough to where you don’t need a vocalist to distract from the awesomeness.

Windermeres is new to me, and I always love discovering new music. I’ll let you know my thoughts!

One of the things that got me stoked on the fact it was Allout Helter as my punk show is their social justice contributions. I have seen the band, and the lead singer Ross, hitting the streets and actually using their platform to promote the issues they believe in. Tonight’s show is a fundraiser for Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CCASA). Every ticket sold is going to have a portion go directly towards that organization. I think that is awesome! That’s what punk is ALL about, from my limited yet growing knowledge base.

So, tonight is the punk shown I’m photographing and I can’t wait to share my photos!



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